Instead of letting the basement space go to waste, turn it into an extension of the main living area.

For most people, the goal when building a cinema hall is to achieve the experience offered by Imax cinemas. This is because entertainment, even on a high-budget blockbuster film from a renowned movie maker, can be anything but entertaining if the experience is lacking. Fortunately, at Arad Incorporated, we are versed with the creation of the ultimate entertainment hall.

When you choose us, you will benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the construction of movie theatres, entertainment complexes and auditoriums throughout Canada. We have diverse knowledge in the cinema construction market and are happy to take on your project regardless of your budget.

The key aspect that sets us apart from other construction companies is our commitment to understanding your needs before coming up with designs and implementing them. We will first meet with you to understand the size of the movie theatre you want. Our team will then share expert advice and provide you with designs that align with your vision and budget.


One of the key reasons why we are the most recommended construction company in the whole of Canada is because of our unsurpassed preconstruction capabilities. We will work with you to identify your budget and design issues. We then maximize schedule and reduce project challenges long before any work on your dream cinema starts.


Our work is not limited to commercial cinemas alone. While this is where we do excel, we are more than happy to build a fantastic home cinema for you and your family.

Why Choose Us

At Arad Incorporated, we are cinema hall consultants and contractors. Our dream has always been to make construction easy. We have achieved this by being a one-stop solution for all your cinema hall construction needs. We have experience setting up movie theatres of all sizes, from multi-plex and mini-plex to drive-in cinemas.

When it comes to residential and commercial cinema construction, we take care of everything, so you only worry about the agreed fee. Our work includes:

  • Civil work
  • Sound and screen sourcing and installation
  • Acoustic
  • Sourcing of chairs and taking care of arrangements in the hall
  • Projection
  • Ticketing booth installation

But how are we able to accomplish all this with a small in-house team? The answer lies in the relationship we have built with our partners. We work with more than 10 contractors for design work, electrical work, architecture, plumbing and everything in between. Our company is also fully equipped with large mechanical machines, which include excavators, trucks, rollers, tractors, loaders, trailers and finishers. This means we can meet all your needs fast and without breaking your budget.

Just like with all our projects, you can expect your cinema construction to be completed on budget, on time and built smart. Allow us to be your one point of contact for your cinema construction project. Meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations is what we do best. Get in touch, and let’s talk more.

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