Day Cares

With many young families having two working parents or guardians, the need for daycare is increasing every year.

Many children spend a lot of time in daycare centers. Considering children are gentle souls with brains that absorb virtually anything they are exposed to, it is important to provide them with a safe, secure atmosphere with lots of recreational space. You can count on us to build for you the perfect daycare.


Whether you have outgrown your current childcare or daycare facility or want to create the best daycare facility, we’ve got you covered. At Arad Incorporated, we understand how hard it can be to manage the design and construction of a daycare center. That is why we are fully committed to overseeing all the elements of the project to eliminate both the burden and danger.



We specialize in the design of daycare centers. We take the time to understand your needs then provide the service from concept through to completion. All the design work is done by an experienced and highly skilled design team. Being involved in the design phase helps us reduce the risks that come with poor communication.


Led by our founder, Vahid Arbati, a holder of Bachelor of Structural Engineering and with more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we will bring the design to life. To save you time and ease the burden that comes with construction, we will work with a qualified and experienced site foreman, project managers, sub-contractors and suppliers. We construct your daycare while taking into account the regulations, quality control, environmental guidelines and site amenities. This is done to ensure complete compliance across all elements, regardless of how small or big your project is.  

Project Management

If you want us to, we can plan and project manage the entire project from the conception stage all the way to completion. We will also deal with the authorities and government agencies on your behalf.

Property Development

Do you have a land site that you want to develop into a daycare? If you do, get in touch with us. We are happy to assess the site and discuss your options. Our team will also help with a feasibility study and offer planning advice.

Building Maintenance

At times all you need is to make changes to an existing building to turn it into a childcare center. Other times you need to make alterations to your existing daycare facility to improve safety and comfort. We are happy to help with all this. We always ensure the project is completed on time and budget.


Let your team focus on educating kids while we focus on what we do best as daycare specialists. Our team at Arad Incorporated has the experience, skills and expertise needed to build the finest facility on time and budget. We are here to offer the highest quality construction services so you can enjoy peace of mind that your daycare is completed with your exact standards and without cutting corners.


Get in touch and contract us to create for you a child-friendly space that meets and exceeds the necessary regulations.

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